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Thanks so much for your interest in this complimentary 20 minute call!  I'm so excited you're here! 
Please only apply to work together if you are SERIOUS and READY to develop a style + image that's authentically you and have the ability to financially take part in one of our 1:1 programs. 

I'm selective about the men and women I work with and only accept clients that are ready to step into their style-condifence.  

Please complete all the fields and once you submit the information I will be in touch within 24 hours with a scheduling link for you to book your consultation time. 

I can't wait to chat with you! 

xoxo Mallory
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My discovery calls are designed to determine where you are and what you'd like to achieve with regard to your wardrobe and style in the next 30-60 days. If you are not interested in immediate solutions and developing your authentic style, please skip this application for a free 20 minute call and refer to my blog for style inspirations or sign up to receive my monthly newsletter at

Please be sure to review some of the services and packages offered at prior to our call.

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