Virtual Closet Enrollment 
Thanks so much for your interest in the Virtual Closet - I'm so excited you're here! 
Please only apply to work together if you are serious about having a style + image that's authentically you and have the ability to financially take part in the virtual closet program. 

The Virtual Closet Membership is a $27/month investment.

Please complete all the fields and once you submit the information you will receive a link to your personal virtual closet to upload the images of your clothes.  You will have up to 2 weeks to upload pictures, once you're done uploading you will receive a payment link and your membership will begin.

I look forward to styling you! 

xoxo Mallory
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What types of outfits are you most interested in having Mallory style for you?  Be specific.  (i.e. casual, work, special occasion, etc.) *

What do you find to be the most challenging part of putting outfits together? *

Do you have any fashion restrictions that Mallory should keep in mind when styling your monthly outfits? *

What do you hope to achieve by enrolling in the Virtual Closet membership? *

How would you describe your current style? *

What is your favorite, and least favorite, part of your body? Why? *

Who is your style icon? What is it about their style/image that you like best? *

What makes you feel your best and most confident? *

What is your typical outfit for the occasion you need outfit(s) for? *

Are you willing and able to invest in yourself to feel more confident, look and feel fabulous, and make the most of your closet? *

Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire!  This gives me more information so that I can know more about you as I create outfits. You will receive the link to your virtual closet within 24 hours.

Upon receiving the link, you will be able to upload pictures of your clothes.  You will have up to 2 weeks to upload all of the images you would like.  Once you've uploaded as many images as you like, your membership will begin. 

The first month of membership, payment will be sent via email invoice (similar to PayPal).  After the initial month, payments will be recurring automatically.  1 week notice is required for any cancellation.

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